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We are not only better, we are different. We focus on quality and service, not profits.

Credit Repair is something we love doing. We enjoy when our customers are finally able to achieve financial success and break the barriers, which a low credit score subjected them to. The problem is most credit repair companies have call center overseas, give scripted responses and do not generally care about their customers. At Credit Target, we are not only different, we are better.

We take pride in assisting our customers. We are a national leader in Credit Repair, and we will never compromise quality over profit. We believe the smiles we put on the faces of our customers are deeper than earning slightly higher revenues and providing mediocre service. We are committed to serving you.

At Credit target we take your report seriously we understand consumer protection laws and leverage those legal rights so that your credit report remains accurate and without free of any misclassified errors.

We can dispute anything From bankruptcies, to charge-offs, tax liens, late payments,repossessions, foreclosures and judgments. During our 40 years of combined experience in this industry we have challenged hundreds of thousands of credit issues, which resulted in thousands of happy clients with there credit and finances restored within the last year alone. Credit repair requires taking specific actions with your creditors rather than making ineffective disputes for credit bureaus. We assist you with the questions you are legally entitled to ask and present you with the rights from the consumer protection act in order to achieve a resolution on for your credit issue.

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We provide an emphasis on quality and have refined our process. We make Credit Repair look easy, just contact us and we will handle the rest.

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Effective Credit Repair Solutions by Credit Target USA deliver proven results, and expert perspective to help you meet your exact needs.
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Credit Target USA’s customized solutions has helped many rebuild and repair their Credit and achieve their personal objectives.
Innovative Approach Credit Target

Innovative Approach

effective solutions
At Credit Target USA, we seek to partner with you to develop customized solutions that help change behaviors, enhance your personal finance goals.

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