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A simple price with a simple choice, no hidden fees or gimmicks.

At Credit Target we’ve earned a reputation for providing the best service with the best price. We don’t cut corners, we just provide effective solutions.

This is why we have a simple fee of $99.97/Month for work completed , where we take care of all your credit repair needs. We decided not to have confusing programs to choose from or have up-selling sales pitches. With a simple price of $99.97 we take care of you.

Why choose the $99.97 program over cheaper competitor program?

The reason is simple we drive results. We have US based customer support that is here when you need it. Most of our competitors have call centers overseas that read from scripted dialogues. We don’t do that. We believe in the service we provide and know that our service pledge is what keeps our customers and clients happy.

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What is Included for $99.97

Bureau Challenges:

Credit Target works to ensure that the credit bureaus present your credit reports in a fair and accurate manner.

Credit Interventions:

Credit Target communicates with your creditors to help protect your credit reports and credit scores.

Inquiry Assist:

You get the necessary legal tools to confront unfair credit score damage that can occur when creditors check your credit reports.

Score Analysis:

Credit Target evaluates your credit reports using five credit score factors and gives you a detailed, personalized analysis every month.

Report Watch:

You’ll receive coaching on how to understand and address damaging credit report changes as they occur.

Payment Alerts:

You Will Receive alerts on a month to month basis as to when to keep track of your loans, Credit Cards and other credit Payments that you need to make monthly on your credit.

Cease And Desist:

Credit Target uses legal strategies that ask abusive debt collectors to cease & desist.

Credit Disputes:

Credit Target contacts your creditors to dispute any erroneous or inaccurate information on your credit.

Debt Consolidation:

Let Credit Target consolidate your debt with various proven debt consolidators.

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