In what ways can terrible credit be legitimately repaired?

Your credit score is only as accurate as what is on the credit report itself.

It is your right and obligation to guarantee the accuracy of the things reported on your credit reports. In the event that the data reported on your credit report does not accurately depict your conduct as a consumer, then you have the full right to demand that the questionable data be expelled from your reports. The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA), Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA) give you the right to legally question inaccuracy’s s on your credit reports with the three credit bureaus and your individual creditors.

How do you help repair bad credit?

Credit Target helps customers explore, repair and question, where applicable, their bad credit by attempting to guarantee that the negative items reflecting on their credit reports are 100% precise up to date.

How long does it take to repair credit?

It would be inaccurate for Credit Target to guarantee specific case results amid a definitive time span. Since such a great amount relies on third parties like creditors and credit departments, and because every customer case is unique, we can’t anticipate whether a particular credit report item will eventually be omitted.

However, what we can guarantee, is to finish the work every month, preparing applicable monthly credit score improvement analyses, sending proper creditor interventions and Bureau challenges and ensuring that other administration highlights you have connected with are provided properly.

In addition, give you data about what sorts of results our past customers have seen. As every legal matter, no two cases are the same and your experience may contrast. Statistically, our customers have seen amazing credit report results, with a total of 70% removed within 3 months. **. Your case will rely upon your communication (keeping us up to date when you receive updated), the nature of your case, and the level of third-party (debt, creditors, collectors, bureaus) participation. No law office can guarantee a specific outcome within a specific timeframe since each case and credit report is distinctive.

Be careful about any credit repair organization that guarantees to “tidy up your credit in 15 days”

In addition to the fact that it is illegal to ensure the result for credit repair, it is difficult to foresee the decisions of creditors, credit bureaus, and debt collectors.


Why would it be advisable for me to pay Credit Target to settle my credit?

Working with a lawyer on a Pay-Per-Action premise could cost several thousand dollars. Credit Target has made it affordable for clients to repair, and build your credit.

Could erased items return on my credit report?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires that the credit department gets you informed before they re-report a formerly erased posting. The (FCRA) additionally makes it more difficult for credit authorities to re-report postings. It is genuinely uncommon and rare for postings to return once they’ve been erased.

Does paying my bills re-establish my credit?

You would believe that would be valid, yet the system that the three bureaus have set up simply doesn’t work that way.

When an old debt is paid, the negative credit posting doesn’t vanish. Once paid, it might show up on your credit report as a past paid wrongdoing, charge off or accumulation.

Whatever the case might be, if your aim is to basically repair your credit or raise your score, simply paying off your debt won’t get you there. You likewise need to work with Credit Target to reestablish your credit. Obviously, paying your debt in a timely manner may only stall future issues with your credit report.

Repairing poor credit is a difficult for most purchasers and we’re here to offer assistance. Credit Target has built a creative strategy for credit repair that has ended up being powerful for a huge number of customers.

Do I have to see my credit reports first?

Many people start considering credit repair after they have already been denied a purchase where a credit check is required. What most don’t realize is that these required credit pulls take 8-10 points off the score.

When contacting Credit Target, you will get a free credit consultation in which you can figure out how to obtain a copy of your credit reports. Amid the consultation, a Credit Target agent will guide you and assist you with an in-debt break down of your credit report account as a consumer and see whether credit repair is ideal for you. With the full option to become a customer and have Credit Target to dispute the negative items reported on your credit reports. You have the option to sign-up via telephone and immediately begin the dispute process.

Do you ensure your work?

It is vital to understand that we at Credit Target offer zero guarantees involved with legal services. It is the same in an official courtroom where a lawyer would never guarantee a client that the judge or jury would rule in their favor.

Any credit repair organization that guarantees success is not being straightforward with you.

Credit Target and its Credit Consultants are held to the most noteworthy moral measures by their states’ mandates and legislation of professional conduct, and laws.

Credit Target offers 25 years of experience and its good name as affirmations that your case will be dealt with dependable and professionally.

At what point would I be able to call my case manager?

At Credit Target, a Credit Expert is appointed to your case within one business day or less. Individuals from this group are accessible to help you with any inquiries or concerns you may have throughout your service. You may contact your case manager by telephone from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday, Eastern Standard Time.

Furthermore, you have the option of speaking with your case manager via live chat or e-mail.

You will also have the option see our progress through our personalized client portal.

Sign into our safe website to deal with the dispute process, get 24-hour access to your case status, and view notes from your Credit Expert.

How do I know if you’re working on my report?

As we work to enhance your credit, the credit bureaus will send you dispute responses directly to your home address. When your credit report updates, you will be able to go online and see firsthand. Furthermore, you are always welcome to call or email your Credit Analyst and demand an update on your case.

As these credit reports arrive, we advise that you forward photocopies from them to us so we can utilize this new data to keep working your case. Your Credit Analyst can help you with the procedure.


We look forward to helping you. Please contact us for a free consultation. Remember our agents give you their best attention. If for any reason you need urgent assistance, please contact our Client Care Manager Rodolfo at, we look forward to helping you!




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