How Credit Repair Works

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Build your Credit Repair fast ask our Experts for free

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Easy, just access your Credit Target account, check out improvements as well as updates

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Enjoy your Final Review
In the concluding part of your journey, we evaluate before as well as after outcomes

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Customized action plans around your goals and budget

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We can help you remove the following items from your credit report:

Your Credit Repair Expert Consultant

Credit Target works to ensure that the credit bureaus

Credit Target communicates with your creditors to help protect

You get the necessary legal tools to confront unfair credit score damage

You’ll receive coaching on how to understand your credit report

Credit Target contacts your creditors to dispute 

Let Credit Target consolidate your debt 

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A Simple Program to improve your Credit Score

Credit Target can help repair your bad credit.
With more than 40 years of experience helping consumers affordably repair their bad credit, Credit Target has the knowledge, and tools to help you on your path to financial health. We know the laws, the road blocks, and the process.

Clean Up Unlimited Negative Records

Results Within The First 30 Days

No Upfront Costs

No Contracts or Commitments

24/7 Online Access Credit Progress Tracking

90+ Point Average Credit Score Increase In The First 90 Days

Equifax, Experian and Transunion Credit

Customized Plans Around Your Goals and Budget

Credit isn’t just a score, it’s Achieving Financial Freedom

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Customized Plans
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Free Consultation
Let us help guide the way. You don’t have to live with bad credit and high interest rates

Training courses
100% useful information needed for your credit education

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Credit Repair Programs

Quick Start

The perfect program to get a quick start on repairing your credit. This service is different from other credit repair services by adding more ways to address your credit problems.

$99.97 per Month

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Custom Start

A more dedicated and custom approach, engineered specifically for your needs. Work with our experts and get specialized attention. Contact us for a custom pricing.
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